Gmail new composed window more easier and more faster

Many of us are not aware of  the new compose window  feature in Gmail for writing and responding to messages.These features have made more easier and faster when composing messages.


When composing messages the new compose experience link will be displayed click on that link and a composed window will pop out.

Instead of taking the whole screen when composing messages a small window pop out at the bottom of the screen.Even though keeping the composed window open you can scroll through other messages you don’t have to closed the composed window.You can also simultaneously check other emails in your inbox keeping the composed window open.









For e.g say that you have already started writing the message and you want to reply to other message you can easily reply to other messages without even closing the first message or saving the draft.

Even though at the same time you can open 2 messages or more at one time.Depending on the size of your screen you can open as many as compose windows possible.











If you want a bigger compose window then just click on the pop-out icon.When writing messages on the composed window you can attach files directly using the attach icon or you can drag and drop from other file.
Other features like you can insert files using drive, you can insert photos by uploding an image and can also insert invitation.









In case you don’t want this new composed window you can click to switch on the old compose menu.


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