Facebook’s third pillar is its new Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook announced on Tuesday the release of new feature called “Graph search” the third pillar of Facebook after News Feed and Timeline.Zuckerberg explained how graph search is different from a web search .Graph search is meant to answer precise queries rather than offering links to possible answers.With graph search you can look up anything shared you on facebook and others can find stuff you have shared with them , including content set to public. That means each person sees unique results.













Using graph search you can search across your friends timeline for almost anything.Using keywords like any search engine you can narrow down your search for example you can search for friends who play badminton and who lives near by it will give you the complete list of friends depending on your search.If you want you can still narrow the search to just female friends who play badminton.You can search for restaurants my friends have been to and can also narrow down the places that your friends have liked
or even the category.

















You can also find photos of you and your friends have posted or been tagged in.Depending on your privacy controls your privacy choices determines what is searchable.But however users can only see the content that has already been shared by them.The graph search does not change your current privacy settings in any manner.People can only search the content that has been shared by you.

Graph search is still in beta testing and is only available in the US but it will expand more in future.However you can sign up for graph search beta testing even if it is not available in your region.

For demo just click on the given link  https://www.facebook.com/about/graphsearch/privacy to check “for people who live in my city” ,”photos of me” and “for restaurants my friends have been to”.


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