Facebook new privacy settings more easier more better.

After receiving lot of criticism on a range of privacy issues Facebook has come up with some new settings which is better and easier to find.

Facebook have organised and updated the location of some settings to make every facebook user easier to get and have also added some tools to help you manage your content.


Now the latest updates includes
1.The privacy settings shortcut you can see at the top of the page.
2.A new request and removal tool for managing multiple photos you are tagged in.
3.Now the settings are very easier to get.

This is how your privacy settings looks like:






Just in the top right corner of the home page you can see a lock icon.Click on the lock icon it will display the list of privacy shortcuts from the drop down menu.

















When you click on the drop down menu “Who can see my stuff” a new feature that has been added that is “what do other people see on my timeline? “Just click the link view as and  it will take you to your timeline page where can see, how your timeline looks like to your specific friend or any outside facebook user.











Now you can also see the detailed activity log by just clicking on the use activity log link where it will take you to the page where you can see all the articles you have read, who all have tagged you,what photos or links you have liked and commented.

With many new features now facebook has made more easier and convenient way to handle privacy issues.

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