Facebook new app “Poke” for iOS

Facebook had launched its new standalone application called “Facebook Poke” for iOS users.Mark Zuckerberg who had invented earlier this feature on facebook where facebook users poked each other didn’t proved to be that popular on the social network .

But Mark says this apps is not same as earlier one it is actually a completely separate feature that can be used in iphone ,ipad.
The new poke application was built in just 12 days and some sources have revealed that the Mark Zuckerberg has written the code for poke apps inspite of saying that “he rarely progarms for facebook anymore”.Mark Zuckerberg is also the voice behind the poke notification sound.

Steps on how to poke friends with message,photos and videos.













1.To send a poke just type some messages,take some snaps and add some text to it or just record a 5 second video by pressing and holding it for some time.Decide how long you want the other person to see the message or video or photo for 5 ,10,15,20 seconds or more.You can also add the location and time when you poke your friends.















3.Select as many friends as you wish from your facebook list and hit send.













4.press and hold to see new pokes from your friend.















5.Keep your finger on the screen until the time runs out.


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