Drop 2 inches of Your Waist with Super Fat Burning Summer Foods

Summer season is on and with it comes the unbeatable heat. In this intolerable heat it becomes very difficult to 
exercise regularly,because our body gets dehydrated and we feel lack of energy.But here are some of the best
summer foods that can help you drop 2 inches of your waist size without exercise or fasting.

7 Best Fat burning Foods to Drop 2 inches of your Waist

1.Sweet Lemon
Sweet lemon commonly known as mosambi in india helps your body to melt all the fat away.As it it rich in vitamin C
it keeps your body hydrated, refreshed and cool.In summer when we feel thirsty we prefer to drink coke , Pepsi or
canned drinks not knowing that these drinks contains a lot of harmful sugar that will make your body dehydrated
and make you more thirsty.So why not replace all these harmful drinks with a glass of fresh sweet lemon juice that
helps to keep control of your fat and helps in weight loss.

2.Nectarines and Peaches
Nectarines and Peaches are nearly similar in taste and both contains a good amount of antioxidants Vitamin A and
Vitamin C that recharge and boost your energy in the hot weather.These  antioxidants rich foods helps to lower the
risk of cancer and also helps in burning belly fat more easier and faster.This summer pamper your taste buds with 
these delicious, sweeter and softer pulpy fruits that has a sweet fresh aroma.


Tomatoes is one of the fat burning foods with high amount of potassium and fiber.It is rich in Vitamin C that helps
burn fat and increase your body metabolism.As it is high in water content and low in calories it helps your body in
summer to stay hydrated and keeps your stomach full for a long time. 

Buttermilk is one of the best way to fight obesity.The lactic acid present in butter milk helps to break down fat and
improves the immunity of your body.Buttermilk can be consumed in large quantities during summer as it decreases
the body heat.It also improves digestion and provide protection against various diseases.You can drink buttermilk
as salted or sweetened.If you are taking as sweetened then add 2 tbsp of honey to a glass of chilled buttermilk
instead of adding sugar.

5.Sugarcane Juice
Sugarcane juice is considered to be as one of the natural energy drink that recharges your body instantly.It is
one of the healthy and cooling drinks that can be taken anytime .It has abundance of vitamins and minerals
that helps in fighting cancer, body fatigue from heat and assist in weight loss.

Watermelon is one of the slimming and refreshing fruit that is best pair in summer.It has high water content that
prevents dehydration during summer.It has good source of Vitamins A and C that relaxes your body and improve
your energy levels during summer.Watermelon helps you to lose tremendous weight as it contains very fewer
calories.This refreshing fruit can be used in many ways.You can take it as chilled watermelon juice or you can
prepare watermelon sorbet or simply you can prepare refreshing salad with watermelon.


7.Coconut water
Coconut water is one of the coolest and ultimate thirst quencher.In summer a lot of natural salts is lost from your
body and your body feels dehydrated.So as to prevent de-hydration and to keep the body cool it is essential to
have one glass of coconut water everyday in summer.It helps in weight reduction as it contains very few calories.

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