Boost Your Productivity with Gmail Advanced Search and Filters

Learn how to increase your productivity and efficiency with Gmail advanced search and filters.The inbox filters and search helps you to find mails easily and quickly.These queries  instantly manipulates your emails and show you the search results that you are looking for.

 Boost Your Productivity with Gmail Advanced Search and Filters

1.Mails from Google+ Circles

i)Filter messages that was sent by a person in your friends circles- circle:Friends

ii)Filter messages that was sent by a person in any of your circle – has:circle



2.Mails from Popular Email Client and Social Networking Sites

i)Filter messages that has arrived from yahoo mail – @yahoo.com

(Similarly you can search for @msn.com ,@gmail, @hotmail)

ii)Filter messages from one or more social networking sites – from:”twitter \ facebook”


3.Mails that has Attachment

i)Filter messages that has attachment – has:attachment

ii)Filter messages that has image attachment with .jpeg – has:attachment .jpeg


(Similarly you can search for image that has image file extensions as .jpg\ .gif\ .png\ .tif )

iii)Filter messages that has file attachment with .pdf – has:attachment .pdf

(Similarly you can search for files that has .xls\.doc\.ppt\.txt extensions)

iv)Filter messages from a particular sender and that has attachment – from:name has:attachment


4.Mails from Sender

Filter messages from a particular sender – from:name


5.Mails sent to Recipient

Filter messages sent to a particular recipient – to:name


6.Mails with Label

Filter messages based on the label – label:

for e.g  filter all messages that are unread – label:unread

(Similarly you can use label to find messages that are label:read, label:spam,label: starred, label: important, label:drafts, label:sent).



7.Search Mails from Anywhere

Filter all messages from trash, inbox, spam – in:anywhere


8.Mails with a Particular Star

Search messages that has Red star – has:Red-star


Syntax for other coloured stars

has:red-star \ has:green-star \ has:orange-star\ has:blue-star \ has:purple-star \ has:green-check  \has:purple-question \ has:yellow-bang.



9.Mails by Size

i)Filter messages with larger size – larger:10MB  (specify your message size)

ii)Filter messages with smaller size – smaller:2KB  (specify your message size)

iii)Filter messages larger than the specified size in bytes – size:50000 (specify your message size in bytes)


10.Search Mails by Chats

i)Filter only chat messages –  is:chat

ii)Filter chat messages that contain the word “beautiful” – is:chat beautiful (Replace ‘beautiful‘ with your own word )


11.Search Mails Excluding ,Including Words

Excluding Words

Filter messages that do not contain the specific word =  hypen  

e.g -lunch (messages that do not contain the word lunch)

Including words

Filter messages that contains the specific word = +(Plus sign)

e.g +lunch (messages that contains the word lunch)


12.Search Mails for Exact Phrase

Filter messages containing the exact phrase – ” “

e.g -you can filter messages that contains the exact phrase “I am feeling happy” or “I am feeling sad”.



13.Sort Messages by Date ( before , after , older , newer)

Before and After

i) Filter all messages that was received before June 20,2012 – Before:2012/06/20 (The date format should be YYYY/MM/DD)

ii)Filter all messages that was received after June 20,2012 – After:2012/06/20 (The date format should be YYYY/MM/DD)

Older and Newer

i)Filter messages that is older than 1 years – Older_than:1y  (you can use dates d,m,y for day month and year)

ii)Filter messages that is sent within the last 5 days – Newer_than:5d  (you can use dates d,m,y for day month and year)


14.Search Mails in a Particular Language

Filter all messages in a Particular Language – lang:

For eg. To filter messages in French Language  lang:French


15.Search Mail with Specific File attachment

Filter email attachment that has specific file name – File:

For eg . Search for the file Home.pdf  – File:Home.pdf


16.Combination of  Two or More Filters

You can also filter messages by combining two or more filters that are used above.To have good ideas about filters, refer to the list of examples below.When you are combining two or more filters include a space in between the two filters.

i) Filter 6 months old messages that include attachment – Older_than:6m has:attachment

ii) Filter only chat messages with larger size – larger:2MB is:Chat

iii)Filter messages that is sent by a person in your friends circles and that you have marked with Orange-star – Circle:friends has:Orange-Star



17.Creating Filters With Gmail Search Options

You can create filters to perform actions when a message matches a specific criteria.Please refer the following steps below.

1.Click on the arrow “Show search option” button.


2.Create your own filter criteria.


3.Once you have enter the filter criteria click on the “create filter with this search” link present at the bottom.

4.Now select any action and click on the “Create Filter ” button.


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