Boost Your Energy Without a Sip of Caffeine

Every morning when you wake you often feel sluggish as you try to start your day.You feel as if your energy levels have decreased and you just can’t get going ,all you want to do is to crawl back into bed or start your day by energizing yourself with a sip of coffee.But daily taking small amount of caffeine to boost your energy can create a physical dependence.For example if you are a regular coffee drinker and someday you fail to drink your daily dose of caffeine then you can end up with headaches, sleepiness , body ache, not able to carry your task or function properly.But some alternative ways are there that can help you to recharge yourself and boost your energy without caffeine.Here are some best and healthier ways to boost energy without caffeine.















Reach For Protein-Packed Breakfast

High protein food act as a building block of cells and an important source of energy.Consuming foods rich in protein helps to repair, create new cells , helps in growth and development of mind and body.Protein helps to keep your blood-sugar level consistent that prevents you from the risk of an early morning energy loss.Adding a few protein-rich foods as milk, cheese, tofu , almonds , peanuts, bananas , cherries in your breakfast can help you to increase your energy levels in the morning.


Take Cold Showers
Start your day with cold shower that leaves you feeling invigorated and energized.When you take cold shower the blood rush to your organs that improves your blood circulation in your body by forcing the blood to move.Cold water helps waking you up, that is what you want in the morning.Splash some cold water on your face to feel refreshed and take away the feeling of tiredness.Give it a try, you will definitely feel more alive and this is an excellent way to bring you to your senses.












Play 30 Minutes Workout
A work-out at gym or a 30 minute of brisk walking helps to wake up your body and brain so that  your mind and senses starts working.So the next time when you feel sleepy or boring during morning hours just tune into some high energy hip hop songs that keeps you motivating throughout your workout and energetic.


Wake Up Your Mind
Don’t just sit there bored.As soon as you wake up in the morning make the habit of reading newspapers, magazines or solving crossword puzzles that helps you stay awake and alert.


Drink Plenty Of Fluids
Body loses water when you sleep ,so in the morning when you awake up you feel dehydrated ,low energy or tiredness.Drinking plenty of water in the morning helps to flush out the toxins and increase your metabolism.Replenish your body with adequate amount of fruit juices that contains good quantities of vitamins and minerals to boost your energy levels immediately.Drinking one cup of fresh coconut water daily keeps away fatigue and give you a quick boost of energy.







Acupressure For Energy
It is a drug-free way to boost your energy levels and feel active throughout the day.The University of Michigan recent study prove that acupressure can provide an effective natural energy boost.Just place the thumb right in the center of the top of the head and slightly tap for a few minutes.Gently massaging and stimulating the external part of the ear will give the body a natural energy boost and can also be used to control popular stimulants as caffeine.











Eat Smaller And More Frequent Meals
Make a habit of eating food in smaller quantities instead of a large meal.Eating small and frequent meals for at-least 6 times a day helps to keep blood sugar levels steady means you feel more energized all day long.Infrequent eating can create unstable blood sugar that makes you feel weak and tired.Keep your sleep consistent Sleep for a maximum of 7 hours is required to keep your mind and body healthy so when you wake up in the morning you feel refreshed,happy and energetic.It is important to keep a regular sleep schedule.Go to the bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning.Try to stick to it even on weekends and when life get crazy.

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