Best Tips to make your Google Search Faster & Smarter

1.How to search for an exact phrase in an exact order

If you want to make the best use of your search and want to search for an exact word or exact phrase in an exact order then use quotation marks around the word or phrase.Google will display you the search results in the same manner that you have searched.But when you are searching with quotes it might exclude relevant results.
e.g.  “how to make french toast”









2.How to search within a specific site

If you want to know your answer from within a specific site then precede your query with site: and the type of site you want to search.














3.How to search by file type

Looking out for the exact specific type of files such as PDF, PPT’s or XlS. Precede the query that you searching for before the filetype: and the 3- letter file abbreviation after the colon.
eg: health care filetype:PPT













4.How to search numbers in a range

Sometimes you want to narrow your search by finding things within a number range, such as you want to search for laptops from 600$ -1000$  or  famous comedy shows from 2000-2013 then you can do by putting a string .. between amounts or between years.









5.How to get the time

If you want to know the exact time anywhere in the world type time in Google search bar followed by the city or country.















6.Get definitions instantly

To get easily the definitions of any word type define: followed by the word you want to search to get its definitions.












7.Search for Similar Terms

Get results that includes synonyms by placing the ~ sign in front of your search term.Let’s say you are searching for dessert recipe to prepare on newyear.It will return results for desserts,along with candy, cookies , cakes.








8.Check flight times and flight schedules

To know the arrival and departure information for U.S flights just type the name of the Airline followed by the Flight number.
eg: Delta Airlines 771

To check flight schedules to or from a particular destination type flights from or flights to.
eg:  Search flights from Pittsburgh to Sandeigo














9.Get the timings of a movie in your city

To get the timings of all movies running across various theatres , type movie in the search bar followed by the name of the city.















10.Ignore words and characters in your search

When you are searching for some recipe and you don’t want the particular item to be included in your recipe, say some ingredient you don’t want in the recipe you can use the minus sign.


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