B1 Visa Interview Questions with Answers


These are some of the top B1 Visa Interview Questions that are asked frequently by the US consulate.

1.Which company are you working for?
a.I am working for xyz.(the name of the company for which you work)

2.Where are you going?
Please remember the detailed address of the place where you will be staying in the USA.

3.Why do you want to travel to USA or what is the purpose of your travel?
a.While answering this question be honest and straight never ever say that you are going to work there or to carry out some business.For e.g say that you are going for knowledge transfer or to attend business meetings or to have client interaction..etc.

4.What is your role in the company?
a.Give the details of your role and the technology that you are working in your company.

5.Show me the training schedule plan?
a.Carry the detailed training schedule plan from your company.

6.What is your designation and current role and responsibilities in your company?
a.for e.g I work as a senior software engineer.(Depending on the roles you play in your company)

7.What is your experience with the current company?
a.Carry the experience letter of your current company and also the experience letters of your previous companies.

8.What is your annual income?
a.Always tell the truth about your income.They will ask for the Income Tax (IT) Return forms for last 3 year.

9. How can you survive in USA?
a.One must give a perfect answer to this question and can say that you are going to get stipend to survive in USA.

10.Have u ever visited any other country other than home?
a.Don’t tell lie ..they may catch you becoz in passport other countries stamping should be there.

11.Can I see your Business/visiting card?
a.Show them the visiting card that the company had given you.

12.Do you have a credit card?
a.They will ask you to show the 3 month bank statement.

13.Are you married?
a.If married then they may ask you to show the marriage certificate.

14.Do you have any children? How many do u have? And where they are? What do they do?
a.Answer to the point.

15.Do you have any relatives in USA?
a.Speak the truth. If you have any relatives in USA,then they may ask you to give the detail address of the place where your relatives are staying.If required they may also check their database to see the details of your relatives and their staying location.

16.How long will you be staying in USA?
a.The period of your stay.

17.Will you work there?
a.Never ever say that you are going to work.They will immediately cancel your visa if you say that you are going to work.

18.Will you come back?
a. Say ‘Yes’

19.How can you assure me that you will come back?
a.Show the return flight ticket.

12 comments to B1 Visa Interview Questions with Answers

  • varun garg

    if they ask any relative in us??? wht is the answer of this question because my grand grand mothers brother n family is in usa so i replied my relatives in us or not ??

  • sn

    You must have address of relative which you are referring to

  • jay

    i have some cousins in US but i do not know their address…. so is it okay if i tell i do not have any relatives staying in US ?

  • Sneha S

    yes it is ok..

  • Sant

    If I don’t have flight tickets what can be answered for “How can you assure me that you will come back?”

    • Sneha S

      Normally with b1 visa You can stay till six month in US.Most of the companies will provide the return ticket to their employees in advance as six month is very short duration.If return ticket is yet not done then chances are there that your visa may not be accepted.
      But Still you can convince the visa interviewer by telling him about some of the business meetings etc which you might have for which you might be required back in india within six month.However they do not believe in tongue you have to show some kind of proof.

  • clem

    what about getting the visa before buy your ticket

  • Manju

    Hi Sneha,

    Thank you. My B1 was rejected around 3.5 years back. I have mentioned this in my DS-160 as I know they might have the records.

    I know this might sound stupid question but your thougts will help me.
    Being a Guy I have quite Long Hairs and I Tie them up. Do this have any impact

    THank you.

  • mark

    Hey I am about to go for B-1 interview in this month. Im bit nervous regarding the screening process & would like to have suggestions on the below points. I will be going for around 4 weeks.

    1. how to justify the duration of my stay. I have mentioned in the form that I am travelling for business meetings & classroom training. Is thr any additional scrutiny for stay over 2 weeks?
    2. how to relate social, professional & financial ties to India? I am unmarried.

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