A Single Extension with Multiple Features to Control YouTube Videos

Do you feel annoying watching YouTube videos constantly pausing to buffer? Video buffering  is one of the common problem that every users are facing nowadays.Life has become so fast and so busy that we cannot waste time to pause the video, wait for it to buffer then play and then repeat the same thing again and again.But here is one of the coolest Google Chrome extension that have multiple features to fix buffering issues,playing options,customizing size ,video quality and other global preferences.

Here is the Google Chrome Extension with Multiple Features to Control YouTube

1.Click on the below link to add the extensions to the Google Chrome.


2.Click on the “add to chrome” button to add the extension to Chrome.


3.When you click on the “add to chrome” button a pop-up appears to add the extension “Smartvideo for YouTube“.Click on the add button.You can find the extensions that you have added on the Google Chrome extension page.


4.Once you have completed adding ,open any YouTube videos you wish to watch.Now when you hover your mouse over a YouTube video you can see the smart preferences window is available.



You can use any of the below list of features that Smartvideo provides for better YouTube experience.

i)Make your Videos loop Infinitely

First hover your mouse over a YouTube video to see the Smart preference window.Click on the loop icon to make that particular video loop infinitely.


ii)Set your Buffer Percentage

You can set the Smart buffer to play your videos based on the buffer percentage you choose.To set the percentage of buffer,first unchecked the check-box Smart Buffer that is checked by default and then set the buffer percentage and click on the text Start playing when buffered.


iii)Notify when buffered

Enable the “Only Notify” checkbox to send you a desktop notification once the buffering is completed as desired.


iv)Set the Global Preferences

If you want SmartVideo to control videos on YouTube then click on the Global preferences link that allows you to set  all the features to control embedded videos and videos on YouTube.


v)Use the Best Quality by Default

If you want the SmartVideo to play the YouTube video using the best quality by default, then open the Global Preference page and select the quality of the videos from the Video quality menu.If you have selected the quality of the video as HD 720p or HD 1080p and if the video that you want to play on YouTube does not have the desired quality then it will play the video with the highest quality that it has by default.


vi)Customize the size

You can customize the size by selecting the options from the Player size menu on the Global Preference page.You can either choose to play the video with large or small size.


vii)Make your loop appear on the address bar

To make the loop appear on the address bar select the check box “show loop button on location bar”.


viii)Opt not to initialize video until you Click

This is one of the best option because it saves bandwidth.The video will not be initialized or loaded automatically unless you click on it.Select the checkbox “do not initialize video until I click”.


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