9 Weird Tips to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight is not as hard as you think.You can lose weight without even exercising and dieting.To shed those extra pounds you don’t have to decorate your plate with green veggies or colorful fruits nor you have to follow any specific food diet.You can eat everything but still keep yourself lean.It’s all about making those some small adjustments to your lifestyle but still losing weight. This year just move on and try to attempt something new.Check out these 9 weird tips to lose weight fast.


1.Take food in blue plate

It may sound bizarre but it is true that eating food in blue plate helps in weight loss.Studies have shown that eating food in blue plate reduces your appetite and helps you to consume less.It seems blue color trick the brain into thinking that you have consumed more food then what you really ate.This is an easy weird tips to lose weight.So when are you serving your food on a blue plate?


2.Massage your body with warm oil

Studies have found that massaging warm coconut oil can melt cellulite fat.Massaging improves blood circulation that is effective for fat loss and toning the body.Daily massage warm oil 15 minutes before you take your bath.

 3.Wear tight clothes when you eat food

It sounds crazy but it really works.When you wear tight fitting clothes and have food you consume much less compared to ones with loose-fitting.The reason is tight fitting clothes makes you feel uncomfortable and keeps you full after eating a small portion of food.But there is a disadvantage, wearing tight clothes while eating food can slow down digestion and can cause gastric problems. Try at your own risk.

4.Eat more often

Studies have found that eating mini meals seven times per day promotes weight loss.When you go without food for more than 3 hours you feel more hungry and tend to overeat at the next meal.To keep yourself feel full and satisfied try indulging in eating smaller mini meals more frequently compared to 3 big meals.This is one of the best way to boost up your metabolism and to regulate blood sugar.
The number of calories a body consumes in a day is roughly around 2000 calories.If you want to lose weight try eating 7 meals a day each ranging around 200 calories this way you consume 7*200= 1400 calories a day.That means you shed those extra 600 calories a day. Isn’t this an awesome way to lose weight without exercising.

5.Laugh more

It has been said that laughter is the best medicine.Laughter reduces stress levels and burn calories.When you suffer from stress you try to overeat that leads to weight gain.Give yourself adequate time to laugh and relax.Laughing reduces fat on your face and belly.Do you know that 10 mins of laughter per day can burn upto 50 calories.So what are you waiting for come along and laugh with me ha! ha! ho! ho! heee!!.

6.Sleep for more time

People who sleep for longer periods are usually slim compared to night owls.Studies have shown that people who slept for fewer hours gain weight over a longer period of time.When you don’t get enough sleep you have more stress and that relates to increase in hunger and appetite.It has been found that people suffering from stress carves for more salty, fatty and sugary foods.Good sleeping relaxes you mind and prevents you from overeating that results in weight loss.

7.Add more spice to your diet

Spices add flavor to your dishes and triggers weight loss.It increases your metabolic rate and helps you lose weight faster.You must have noticed that when you eat more spicy food you feel full after eating less food.Spices such as green chili, ginger, turmeric, cumin and pepper are the ones that promote in weight loss.Wake up your taste buds with these healthy spices from your kitchen and help burn calories.

But remember that too much spicy food is bad for your health.

 8.Take more time to eat

Don’t eat in a hurry. Take atleast 30 minutes to finish your meal.Slow down and relish each bite that goes into your mouth.Try to chew your food 20-25 times before swallowing it.Eating slowly improves digestion and makes you  feel full with less food.

9.Watch celebrities who are slim

According to new research super slim celebrities inspire women to slim down. Researches have found that when overweight women watch movies and videos of these super slim celebrities they feel unsatisfied with their own body and gets motivated to lose weight and get in shape.

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