9 Bitter Truth of Life Quotes by Chanakya

Chanakya was a renowned Indian scholar, teacher, philosopher and advisor.He had no beauty in the physical sense but he possessed a solid mass of intellect, thinking powers, creativity, learning, diplomacy and planning. During his reign Chanakya taught some great ideas and Neeti-Sutras to groom Chandragupta in the art of ruling a kingdom.Today Chanakya Neeti-sutras or Chanakya quotes have proven to be a complete guide to make one’s life successful.His thoughts and ideas are valid for common man.

Here are the 9 bitter truth of life quotes by Chanakya

1.”If you were to choose between an evil person and a snake to keep company with, opt for the snake.Because the snake will bite you only in self defence but the evil person will put a bite for any reason and any time or always.”   – Chanakya

2.”A Person should not be too honest.Straight trees are cut first and Honest people are screwed first.”  – Chanakya

3.”There are only two ways of dealing with the evil persons or thorns.Crush them under your boot or stay far away from them.”  – Chanakya

4.”There is some self-interest behind every friendship.There is no friendship without self-interest.This is a bitter truth.”  -Chanakya

5.”The testing time of the following are ; the wife when the money is gone, the friend in the time of need, the relatives in the times of crisis and the servants when they are assigned a mission.In such times they show their true faces.   -Chanakya

6.”Never make friends with people who are above or below you in status.Such friendships will never give you any happiness.” Chanakya

7.”As compared to males the females eat twice the amount of food, possess cleverness four times, display courage six times and exhibit lustful desires eight times.”  Chanakya

8.”Too much beauty got Sita kidnapped, too much ego got Ravana killed and too much charity got Raja Bali in deep trouble. So too much of anything is bad.One should refrain from ‘too much.”

9.”Never share your secrets with anybody.It will destroy you.”

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