8 ways to increase your memory and boost brain power

Do you find yourself forgetting all the things that you have read yesterday or forgetting your friends names and phone numbers or blanking out information on important tests? Memory issues are now becoming very common in human beings.
This is often caused because of poor memory and lack of concentration but these problems can be solved by following some of the best tips and memory techniques that can help in enhancing memory and reducing memory problems.













Top 8 ways to boost your memory power

1.Memory techniques– For those who are having poor and short memories you can improve your memory by following some simple memory techniques that can help you to think faster and help you to remember thinks easily.
i)Remember things by association-One of the best way to improve your memory is to associate something new with something you already know.Our memory works by recalling data through association.Since memory works primarily by connecting to the familiar, it helps to find a way to associate new data to what you already know.For eg if you park your car at section D4 think of word and phrases that include the letter D and number 4, then make some phrase as “four dogs at the parking lot” or “Four dresses for me”.This way it creates a building process in your memory and helps you to remember things easily.

ii)Memorize by visualizing photos– Visualization helps to create a strong,vivid memory.Get some group photos of your friends and look at them one at a time.After you’ve looked at a photo, close your eyes and see the image in your mind.Imagine their face, the color of the dress and their expression in the picture.Go through all the photos repeating the p
process.It is very simple way to improve and sharpen your memory.


2.Do crossword puzzles,play challenging games-Daily doing crossword puzzles helps to keep your mind active and sharp.Regularly solving crossword puzzles helps to prevent brain disease and prevent memory loss.Crossword puzzles that are too easy won’t help.You have to push yourself to the next level to change your brain.So pick up the daily newspaper and start doing crosspuzzles.Playing challenging games as chess can raise your IQ,improves your concentration and also increases problem-solving skills.


3.Writing it down-The simplest way to remember anything is by writing it down.Writing increases the modality and attention given to a piece of information.Just take a pen and paper and start writing some good things or bad things that have happened today or some articles or topics that you have read or some great ideas that have come across your mind.


4.Keep a positive attitude-A positive attitude has been proven to be important to a good memory.Your brain is the best resource and it has the ability to define how you are going to handle any reality by choosing to think negatively you are programming your brain to work against you.Essentially you are telling yourself to fail.So to succeed you have to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts.For eg replace “i can’t do it” with ” i will do it”.Whenever any negative thoughts comes into your mind just write it down into a piece of paper and throw it into the dustbin.


5.Meditation- Meditation helps to increase your memory and concentration power.It gives you peace of mind and helps to relax your body.As a result your efficiency and productivity increases.Meditate regularly for 10 to 15 minutes to improve your memory.


6.Sleep well-Sleep plays an important role in the consolidation of memory.Studies demonstrated that sleeping for more hours help people improve their performance of memory tasks.Sleep helps in reorganizing and reconfiguring memories to help you produce new and creative ideas.Sleeping for more hours helps to beat depression,stress and increases your energy level and hence prevents you from falling ill.


7.Eat healthy think better-You must have noticed that when you feel hungry and you don’t feed your stomach at the right time your head starts to ache.Hunger is regulated by a complex system of chemicals that send signals between your brain and your body.When the body needs nourishment neurotransmitters are released and they send messages to various parts of the brain telling it that fuel is needed.Maintaining a healthier lifestyle improves your memory and functioning of your brain.


8.Take time to Laugh– Ever think about how laughter makes you feel? It is a well known that a good laugh does you good, because every time you laugh it triggers certain areas of your brain then the neurons fired throughout our brain trigger other areas, making you think more logically and more positively throughout the day.Laughters is also one of the best stress relievers because it reduces a hormone called cortisol that causes stress.To increase you memory and get rid of stress start looking for ways to bring more laughter in your life.

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