8 Useful iPad Tips and Tricks

1.Shake to undo-Did you know that there is an easy way that you can undo a mistake that you have made?.Many of the iPad users are not aware of the feature that they can access the undo command just by shaking the device.For eg if you type something wrong and you just want to undo it then just shake the ipad and it will show you pop up prompting you to confirm that whether or not you want to undo the typing or you want to cancel it.











2.Split keyboard-Did you know that you can split the iPad keyboard into two? You don’t need to hunt through iPad settings to find this feature.Just by pinching on the keyboard displayed, the keyboard splits into two equal halves on your screen.This makes easier when typing with your thumbs.











3.Create folders in apps-Tap and hold on icon of any app on your iPad until all icons start wiggling.Drag an app you want to put into a folder on top of another app you will like to include.A folder is created containing the two apps you added and you can change the folder name by tapping on the title and giving a new one.









4.Put extra app on the dock– Did you know that you can squeeze 6 applications on the dock present at the bottom of the screen? To do this you have to keep your finger pressed down to the icon until all the app icons start wiggling and then drag and drop the app you want on the dock present at the bottom of the screen.Once completed press the ipad home button so that it stops wiggling.








5.Know your web links-You can check the actual destination URL by holding down on a linked word.This is a perfect way to sniff out phishy links.











6.Double tap to begin sentence-Double tap on the space-bar at the end of a sentence and it will insert a period ,space and also turn the caps key on so that you are ready to write the next sentence.
7.Take screenshot of your own screen-You can take a screenshot of whatever is there on the screen.Just press home and sleep/wake button simultaneously.You can see that the screenshot will automatically appear in the photo.


8.Double tap the home button– Just double tap the ipad’s home button you will see a task bar will appear showing your most recently used apps.Swipe from right to left and you’ll get quick access to music playback controls.


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