7 ways to have deeper, peaceful and Longer Night’s sleep







If you are experiencing problems with your sleep then follow these 7 excellent tips to help you to overcome sleep problems and wake up fresh the next day.

1.Turn everything off
Just stop spending too much time on social networking sites during night hours.Log off from facebook,twitter,gmail, linkedin switch all your devices and just think that you are checking all these devices for the last time for the day.

2.Stay away from any negativity
Before going to bed don’t watch anything that will just depress you and will provide you with vivid images that will play on your mind and prevent you from being able to relax. Don’t watch horror movies, action movies ,news related to violence or any depressing dramas. Instead, try to watch comedies or light movies that will help you to have a peaceful and a better night sleep.

3.Have a light meal
Don’t eat heavy meal at night because it causes indigestion, make you gain weight, or give you poor sleep with nightmares.Stop consuming sugary or oily foods at night.Just have a light meal with lot of green veggies and eat fruits like Kiwi,banana,grapes and strawberry that could help you to sleep deeper and better.

4.Take a Hot bath
Taking a hot bath before bed can help induce sleep This is because your body temperature has a strong influence on how fast you fall asleep. A night’s sleep is normally proceeded by a slight drop in body temperature and this drop in temperature tells your body to go to sleep.

5.Throw away all your tension
If you are worrying about something then write it down, and then throw the piece of paper away and with it the associated tension.

6.Do regular physical activity  
Don’t sit too much during the day do some physical activities like going for 10 minute walk during evening time , instead of taking lift to climb up just use the staircase, play some
outdoor games.With regular physical activities you will feel better,happy ,relaxed, and so you will sleep better.

7.Cut down on Caffeine
You will be surprised to hear that Caffeine can cause sleep problems up to 7 to 8 hours after drinking it.Stop drinking caffeine at least eight hours before bedtime.But if you feel to drink anything hot then have a glass of hot milk before going to bed that will help you to sleep well.

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