7 Unhealthy Habits That Make You Fat

1.Watching Television while eating

Do you like to eat in front of your TV ? If so, then you have to stop this habit to lose weight.Eating while watching television overrides your ability to know when to stop eating.According to experts this cause people to overeat.When you are eating but viewing television you are not paying attention to the amount of food you have consumed while watching your favorite show.It takes more time to figure out that you are full because you are focusing on the TV and not on your food.So,If you want to shed those extra calories
then you have to stop watching TV when you are eating.











2.Skipping Break-fast

Getting late for work and missed the breakfast again? This is a common mistake that all people do.Skipping breakfast is never a good thing if you are trying to lose weight.Breakfast is by far the most essential meal of the day because it helps in giving the required strength and energy for keeping fit all day long.When you skip your breakfast it lowers your metabolism and your ability to burn fat and calories.When you skip your breakfast it is very certain that you can feel more hungry during lunch time.This hunger will make
you eat more than what your body needs that will result in gaining more weight.Skipping your breakfast might affect your health, mood and even the body’s ability to process food.So make it mandatory to have breakfast regularly that will fire up your metabolism and keep your weight loss on track.









3.Sleeping late at night

Could lack of sleep be causing you to gain weight? Think about it: A couple of researches showed that people who sleep late tend to have trouble losing that extra weight and may gain overtime.When you are sleep deprived your body carves for more food and you will have to eat more of it to feel full.Sleeping habits can disrupt your metabolism and increases your tendency to eat more and that cause weight gain.Phyllis Zee M.D said “When sleeping and eating are not aligned with the body’s internal clock, it can lead to changes
in appetite and metabolism, that could lead to weight gain”.If you want to lose weight and keep your body and mind healthy then make a habit of sleeping early.


4.Eating food in hurry

Due to fast-paced and busy life we don’t get enough time to eat, so when we get a bite to eat we just gulped down.Researches have found that eating slowly reduces the risk of becoming overweight.When you eat slowly it gives you a greater feeling of fullness and helps you stop eating before your plate is empty.Eating slowly also helps to improve digestion because it begins in the mouth and when you eat slowly food is chewed properly into tiny bits so that foods can easily pass through the digestive system.So, if you want to lose weight then start chewing your food slowly and allow yourself enough time to experience pleasure and satiety.


5.Snacking when not hungry

Do you snack when you are not hungry?Eating when we are not hungry is common but sometimes it can lead to overeating and therefore results in weight gain.Recent study suggests that snacking when we are not hungry may promote increased calorie intake and weight gain overtime.One of the main reason we eat when we are not hungry because we use food to shield ourselves from uncomfortable feelings as feeling of depression, loneliness ,stress and hence to overcome this we often snack even though we are not hungry.


6.Eating sweets after meal

All people love to eat sweets whether it be chocolate, cookies ,chips ,ice-creams we all enjoy eating sweets.A little bit of sweet in life is good for our health as it gives a temporary relief from depression and stress.But eating sweets directly after meal disrupts the absorption of nutrients ,increase insulin and help deposits excess calories in your belly that can lead to obesity.













7.Drinking water immediately after food

Drinking water may help you to lose weight but you should know when to drink water.After having a heavy lunch or dinner many have the habit of grabbing a bottle of chilled water from the refrigerator to quench their thirst.This can affect the digestion of ingested food.Drinking water immediately after meal causes the body to put on weight since the digestive process is slowed.The best time to drink water is 1 hour after meals so that it will give strength to the stomach and aids in digestion.



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