7 best ways to end your depression

Are you suffering from depression?.. Don’t worry here are some of the most effective ways that can help you to deal with depression.

1.Try to identify whether or not you are suffering from depression– feeling down sometimes is the normal part of your life.But when tension ,sadness and emptiness takes hold and don’t go away easily then it is possible that you are suffering from depression.Depression is a negative mindset and it is difficult for one to come out of this.












Here are the common signs and symptoms of depression

  • Facing problem in remembering things, making decisions and concentrating or focusing on work.
  • Unusual weight gain or weight loss , decrease in appetite or overeating.
  • Feeling low as if you have no energy, even for doing small things you feel exhaustive or taking longer time to complete it.
  • Not able to sleep properly at night suffering from (insomnia) or oversleeping(hypersomnia).
  • Feeling restless, agitated and getting violent too often.
  • Losing interest in your day-to-day activities.
  • Feeling loneliness, hopelessness ,thoughts about dying or talking about killing or harming one’s self.
  • Suffering from unexplained body pains, headaches ,back pain or stomach pain.


2.Seek for help and support-Once you have identified that you are suffering from depression consult a doctor or theraipst.The doctor will help you to identify what kind or type of depression you are suffering and how can you manage your symptoms and get the most effective treatment.Not only the doctor but let your family and friends know what you’re going through and how they can support you.Discuss with them all your problems and difficulties that you are facing in life.Having a strong support of your friends and families will speed your recovery.


3.Healthy diet-Try to stick with a healthy diet as part of an overall treatment for depression.Try to have food that are rich in nutrients that include vitamins,minerals,proteins and carbohydrates.
Include foods like fish,nuts,walnuts that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids , eat foods rich in antioxidants that includes bluberries, grapefruit , oranges, strawberries ,carrot,spinach ,sweet potato also include protein rich foods like fish ,eggs,milk and low-fat cheese.


4.Regular exercise-Depression symptoms often improves if you do regular exercises.Exercise helps prevent number of health problems and also reduce anxiety and improve mood.Exercise also helps to gain confidence and take your mind off worries.Get up early in the morning and go for a 30 minutes walk or do some fitness activities like playing basketball, badminton ,lifting weights or any physical activities that can get your heart pumping.
5.Sleep well-To get out of depression it is require that you get a maximum 8 hrs of sleep.There are number of things you can try to improve your sleep.Get into a routine with your sleep times, avoid watching horror or violent films prior to bedtime.Avoid drinking caffeine ot tea after 6pm,avoid heavy meals three hours before bedtime.If some bad or unpleasant thoughts come into your mind ,try and visualise a relaxing or pleasant scene.If you are not feeling sleepy keep your eyes open until they naturally try to close.


6.Engage yourself -It is said that an ideal mind is a devils workshop so try to keep yourself busy so as to prevent negative thoughts from going around your mind.When you have plenty of free time read some funny books or newspapers , do some gardening, try some new cooking recipe ,go for a walk with your friends or watch some comedy movies.


7.Avoid negative people-Look for people around you who sees the world in a postive way.Spend time with those people who makes you laugh and keeps you happy.Stay away from negative people who try to pull you down and create negative thoughts in your mind.

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