Top 5 wordpress plugins

For any wordpress blogger,plugin are required to make the blog fascinating,social and look better.Plugins are required to make blog reader friendly and enjoyable.

There are almost 1 million fresh blog post published everyday.Is there a way to retain your users revisit to your blog?The best attraction for a blog is its article and content.But plugins makes it more fascinating in way that users love to read the posts.

Here are the best plugins to make your site user friendly and look more attractive.Most of the plugins have been used on this website as well.

1.W3 Total Cache


This is the best plugin for improving cache performance.It is recommended by best hosting providers like MediaTemple, Host Gator,BlueHost,go daddy and countless others.W3 Total Cache improves the user experience of your site by improving your server performance, caching every aspect of your site, reducing the download times.

The best part is caching can be turned on and off.It will reduce the loading time of the website by 10 times.It has been seen that even half a second of delay in loading time of website will lead to 20-30% of reduced traffic.

Downloads: 1,386,816 times



This plugin is a must for a wordpress site.It is useful for any blogger who is not much aware of databases as well.With this database plugin anytime zipped sql file can be downloaded.Also it allows to schedule the email delivery of zipped database backup file in personal mailbox.Once this is available for a blogger,this zip file can easily be imported into database by a click.There is no need of database knowledge and database can be easily restored.This is is best database plugin for wordpress.

Downloads: 1,500,820 times.

Snapshot of its option is provided.After installation of plugin it will be shown under tool with the name backup.

wpdbbackup1 wpdbbackup2 wpdbbackup3


3.Digg Digg


This plugin is one of the best social plugin.One of the best feature it provides is customization of how many social networks you want to put on your blog,it can be 1 to many.Other best thing about this plugin is that it provides both facility whether it is floating or normal display.One of the best in its category.

Downloads: 550,137 times

4.All in One SEO Pack


This is the best WordPress SEO plugin which automatically optimize your WordPress blog for Search Engines.This plugin is must for wordpress blogger.Even if you are not familiar with SEO tactics,this plugin makes it very simple to manage SEO needs and is most reliable.It allows blog to get better page ranks.

This plugin automatically generates Meta tags, optimizes post titles for search engines and helps to detect and avoid duplicate content. Even if you have very little SEO knowledge, this plugin can be of great help.

Downloads: 13,155,079 times



This is one of the best plugin for spam protection.There have been many new good ideas of fighting automated Spam in WordPress. Most of these Plugins like Yawasp used to change the name of one (or more) of your comment field.

Therefore, NoSpamNX does not change any of your comment fields, but still claims to be very effective.The other plugin use captcha,JavaScript and Sessions to defend you against automated comment spambots.But this plugin one does not uses any of these.

The best part is it does not change any of your comment template fields and gives you more compatibility with other WordPress Plugins.

Downloads: 136,812 times

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