5 Best Offline Chrome Apps For Your Desktop that Runs Without Browser

Recently Google launched great gaming and productivity apps for your desktop.These apps run without internet connection and outside the browser.Once you add these apps from Chrome Web store it automatically pin the apps to Chrome App Launcher that appears on your Windows task-bar or as short-cut on your desktop. You just have to simply open the Chrome App Luncher and choose the apps that you want to run.Here are some of the best offline Chrome apps for your desktop that runs without browser.


5 Best Chrome Apps For Your Desktop that Runs Offline and Outside the Browser

1.Google Keep

Have an ideas in your mind then quickly jot them down using Google Keep.It is a great app that enable users to create a text note, insert images, customize notes with colors and add location based reminders.No problem even if your internet connection is not working, you still can save them and later sync back to the web once your connections returns.

Link – Google Keep




Keep your confidential message, password and other secret information protected at Lockify. This apps encrypts the confidential information on your machine.Once you clicked on the encrypt button it generates a encrypted link that is destroyed after 1 has viewed or after 3 days.You can copy the encrypted link and share it with chat, sms or email to anyone you like.

Link – Lockify



3.Pixlr Touch Up

Pixlr Touch Up is the free offline photo editing app for your desktop.It includes all the essential editing tools like crop, resize, touch up, rotate, contrast, colour, effects.Among the many tools the clone tools is one of the useful tool to fix blemishes, spots and to give your image a photo cloning effect.It gives you the option to save pictures directly to your Google Drive.

Link – Pixlr Touch Up




Wunderlist is one of the simplest and easiest way to manage all your activities and systematize your daily routine. Whether you are planning to go for a grocery shopping or to watch new movies wunderlist helps you to get your things easily done.For each items that you have added to your wish list you can set the date and reminder,you can starred or unstarred the items depending on the priority or due-date, you can dictate using the microphone icon, you can add hash-tags, attach files photos, spreadsheets, sound clips and videos.Run this chrome app that works without internet connection.

Link – Wunderlist



Type FU

Teach your fingers to type fast using the powerful app Type Fu. This app improves your tying skills and helps you in typing faster without seeing the keyboard.The details features includes the on-screen keyboard and fingers, speed and accuracy chart, most typed and mis-typed keys, 9 difficulty levels, error highlighting and error correction and thousands of exercises grouped into letters, numbers, quotes, words and proverbs.Whether you are online or offline it doesn’t matter with Type FU you can learn typing anytime or anywhere.

Link – TypeFU


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