5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to Help You Stay Focused At Work

Spending too much time on social media? Have done nothing productive today? Well, now stay focus and increase your productivity at work with these Google Chrome extensions.

Here are the 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions to help you stay focused at work and to increase productivity.


This extension restricts the amount of time that you spend browsing on time-wasting sites.Simply add sites to the block sites list and set the maximum time that you will be allowed to browse these sites.Once your alloted time has been used up you will not have access to these sites for the rest of the day.It is highly configurable and customizable.You can also set the active days that you want to restrict your browsing activity.This is considered to be one of the best time management extension.



 2.Time Tracker

A simple extension that helps you track the amount of time that you have spend on each site.It gives you a complete report on all the sites that you have visited,the time you have spent on each of the sites in minutes and percentage.It has a button to pause and resume the timer.If it does not detect any mouse movements from an user it pauses the timer.To start fresh you can click the “Clear All Stats” button.

increase productivity_time tracker


3.Pocket(formerly read it later)

Pocket is an incredible extension for Google chrome that lets you quickly save articles, pages, videos and more with one click. Once you have enabled this extension simply click on the pocket icon to bookmark any interesting things that you find in the web to view it later.It main features include that it works without internet connection, it automatically syncs across all devices, it saves any link by simply right-clicking on menu item and allows to quickly add tags to saved pages.

increase productivity_Pocket extension  


4.Productivity Owl

Do you really want to earn respect and be productive? Then ride this productivity owl from Google Chrome.Productivity owl is not like other extension it takes a different approach.Before it closes the tab it lets you surf the internet for some period of time so that you can get the information you need fast,then get out.You have to beat the owl’s timer before it closes the tab for you.Once you have enabled this extension you will always see a little owl icon in the bottom-right of the web page with a timer that you have set.Well, the owl doesn’t sit on work-related websites and search engine pages.Apart from this it has other features that include free time scheduler to add free time, manage allowed and blocked websites, import and export schedule settings and to earn productivity owl respect.



5.Strict Workflow

Set yourself up for a 25 minutes of distraction free work with this productive chrome extension.This extension follows the ‘Pomodoro technique’, that is to break down work into intervals of 25 to 30 minutes in length,separated by short breaks.Once enabled, a tomato shaped timer appears at the top right corner of your screen that sets you to work for 25 mins followed by 5 mins of break.It also gives you permission to allow and block sites, to set the work and break time in minutes, and to display notification when the timer completes.


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