5 Best and Trusted Music Apps to Add on Facebook

There are lots of apps on Facebook that offers you to listen and share music with your friends.But with so many apps, it becomes difficult to choose the apps that are best in music quality and that are the most reliable.Here are some of the music apps that have high music quality,that are simple and safe to use.Apart from listening and sharing you can create playlist of your favourite music, you can upload and record your own music videos, you can see what your friends are listening to and lots more.

Here are the 5 Best and Trusted Music Apps to Add on Facebook



It is one of the great app that allows you to add songs to your Facebook profile.You can search to find your favourite video songs and TV shows .You can post links to your wall so that your friends can watch the videos by clicking on the link posted by Profile song.You can change the filter to watch videos between YouTube , SoundCloud and Vimeo.You can maintain playlist by adding videos to your library.Once you have added this app, you can find a Profile song icon under the app section on your Facebook profile.

Link to the App –  Profile Song





It is one of the simple but very effective app that helps you to find , listen and share your music videos with your friends.You can search song either by artist or title.Simply drag and drop the videos to create your own playlist.You can post your favourite videos on your wall or friends wall.You can share your playlist with your friends and listen to the playlists that your friends have shared.

Link to the App – MusicBook





It is one of the trusted music and audio app on Facebook.You can explore and listen to your tracks and share them with your Facebook friends.You can share the sound with the world by recording or uploading videos from files or anywhere on the site.With Soundcloud you can add a player to your Facebook page so that your friends can listen to your tracks.

Link to the App – Sound Cloud



4.My Cloud Player


It is one of the advanced online audio player app for Facebook that is powered by SoundCloud.It allows you to explore and listen to music from SoundCloud.Create your own playlist and share with your facebook friends.

Link to the App – My Cloud Player





Now watch youTube channels videos in a tab on your Facebook page with YouTube App.You can create your playlist my adding videos to your favourite videos tab.You can directly add comments on the video and post it to the wall to share the video with your friends.

Link to the App – YouTube


*Note: There are also some other popular music apps that I have not listed as these music apps are not available in all regions.But if you still want you can check these apps Pandora and Spotify on Facebook.

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