16 Interesting Facts that you Probably don’t know about Facebook

In the past few years, Facebook has changed people’s lives especially in the way we connect and communicate with each others.It has changed the visibility that people have into one another’s life.Today Facebook has proven to be the most popular social communication platform for both personal and business needs.By far it has been the the world’s largest and most popular social sites representing 1.2 billion users around the world.But there are some amazing facts that many Facebook users don’t know such as why Facebook is blue, the most liked person on Facebook, what was the Facebook like button originally named,etc.

Check out these interesting facts that you probably might not be knowing about this social media giant Facebook.

Here are the 16 interesting facts that you probably don’t know about Facebook

1.The website Facebook was initially invented by Mark Zuckerberg and his college mates to keep in touch with other Harvard students over the internet.It was limited to only Harvard students.

2.Facebook was originally called “thefacebook”.

3.In 2005 the domain name “Facebook.com” was purchased for $200,000.

4.Facemash, is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s first known website that he set-up at Harvard.The idea to build Facebook originated from this site.

5.Before the 2007 redesigned, Al Pacino’s was the guy on the original Facebook home page.


6.The Facebook Like “button” was originally decided to be called an “Awesome” button.

7.The reason why Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook is red-green colorblind, the color he can see the best is blue.

8.Adding 4 to the end of Facebook URL will automatically direct to Mark Zuckerberg profile.


9.Rapper Eminem is the most liked person on Facebook with 78 million likes.


10.Do you know that the Facebook “like” and “share” button together are viewed 22 billion times a day.

11.The country with the most number of Facebook users is USA with more than 160 million people.

12.Every day 20 millions of applications are installed on Facebook.

13.For Facebook employees there is an app to see what’s on the Facebook cafe menu.

14.Facebook is the second largest source of traffic after Google.

15.The highest paid employee on Facebook: Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer.


16.The most popular photo-sharing feature on Facebook was developed by Sean Parker.

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