15 ways to eliminate stress from your Work life






Nowdays stress and depression have become extremely common among all IT industries company.With the rapid increase of suicide from the last few years experts believe that most suicides are related to stress factors.Most of the cases have been reported in India especially from outsourcing company.
The symptoms of stress often build up gradually before you start to notice them and finally lead to all kinds of health related problems like high blood pressure, heart disease,headaches, obesity,chest pain and diabetes.But stress can be eliminated or reduced if taken action at an early stage.

But this is possible if you understand the main cause of stress in yourself.The cause of stress could be emotional,physical or mental symptoms like getting frustrated on small things, showing anger,feeling dissapointment,loneliness ,lack of confidence, changes in sleeping and eating habits, poor memory and not able to concentrate.But this could be handled if you take some proper measures and steps.

Here are the 15 Ways to eliminate stress from your life.

1.Don’t keep within yourself if you are facing any kind of stress just talk to your family ,friends and colleagues about the issues you are facing at work this shall help to lower stress levels.

2.It is very important that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.Eatting lot of green vegetable like spinach, brocolli and cabbage, fruits like bluberries and oranges which are rich in stress fighting Vitamin C ,nuts like almond, walnut which contains B vitamins and magnesium that helps relieve stress and regulate mood,green tea, milk and yoghurt also helps a lot to fight stress and Oily fish like salmon and tuna.









3.Avoid eating potato chips, chewing gum, some cereals, soft drinks,canned food and fruits, canned meats, pickles, butter, potato chips, baked goods, chocolate,whit bread and all fast food items like burger,pizzas etc beacause these foods increase the blood pressure and makes us feel stressed.

4.Do some exercise,yoga and meditation to reduce stress levels and improve health and quality of life.






5.Don’t overload yourself with too much work.Having a proper balance at work is required.Give time to yourself take some time for relaxation listen to some soft music,play some indoor games or involve yourself with some extracurricular activities like painting ,dancing, etc.. that can help you to reduce stress.

6.Try to take more frequent breaks from work ,let it be a 5-minute break but that will help to reduce your stress at work.

7.Avoid negative people they don’t help you ,they don’t make you stronger and keeps you from achieving your dreams.Spend more time with optimistic people who always have a positive attitude.

8.Find reasons to laugh out loud several times a day.Because laughter is the best medicine that can help you to overcome stress.

9.Don’t try to complete all your work on the same day and don’t try to regularly work extra hours due to which you might be given extra responsibility which could lead to additional challenges.

10.Avoid Multitasking as it lead to high workload and increase your stress levels.Just concentrate only on one work and try to finish it before jumping to another.

11.Learn to say no and really mean it.

12.Try to schedule your work.Control over one’s schedule allows for a better balance of personal needs, family needs and work life.

13.Be happy and feel content with what you have .Don’t compare yourself with your colleagues in hike or in positions.

14.Sleep for a maximum of 7-8 hours per night beacause stress is the number one cause of sleep problems.







15.Pray to God to help deal with stress.Just talk to God about your Problems that you are facing at work.

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