10 Useful Websites that you Must See

Here are the 10 useful websites that you must see.


It is one of the simple and straight-forward tool that records the screen and voice on your desktop.You can share this screen cast directly on Twitter or Facebook or you can put it on YouTube.


Link To The Site – Screenr



It is one of the new way to gather knowledge and answers.It doesn’t search the web, instead it does all computations based on a vast collection built-in data and algorithms to get the right answers.


Link To The Site – WolframAlpha



If you want create and send top secret text notes over the internet to your friend and colleagues then privnote is the best solution.It allows to self-destruct the send notes after being read.


Link To The Site – Privnote



It is the web-based editor that allows users to edit documents collaboratively in real-time as well as non-real time.Just you have to set up the pad and share the link to your friends to start working on the same document at the same time with multiple people.


Link To The Site – Etherpad



It allow users to track flight status ,current weather conditions , traffic conditions ,driving directions and car-park options at world-wide airports.


Link To The Site – Flightstats



This is one of the free online service to scan suspicious files or mail attachment.


Link To The Site – Jotti



It is one of the best tool to measure the performance and speed of your site.


Link To The Site – GTmetrix



This is one of the best tool that allows you to plan a event without any hassles.Quickly and easily it finds a date that works best for everyone.


Link To The Site – WhichDateWorks



It allows you to create and share photo galleries.You can easily create photo galleries just by dragging and dropping photos from your desktop or any folder on your computer into your browser.


Link To The Site – Minus



If you had a passion and want to share your passion with the world then Scoopit is the best solution.It allows you to gather the best and relevant contents on the internet relating to your passion and share them with the world and allow you to invite people to follow you.


Link To The Site – Scoopit


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