10 Unique Social Networking Sites that you’ve Never Heard of

If you think you are bored of Facebook and Twitter then have a look at these social networking sites that are designed to cater your specific interest.These social networking sites listed below are unique in its own way.Here is the list of 10 unique social networking sites that you haven’t heard of.


WePolls is a free social polling site that allow users to create polls and share it on other social networking sites.The site gives users the ability to create a poll based on their interest.A user can follow other users like Twitter or friend them like Facebook.You can also get the Polls view based on new, popular and trending.



MyHeritage is the largest family-oriented social networking service.It allows users to search and trace their family history or Genealogy.MyHeritage users can create their family websites and family trees, share pictures and videos within their family and organize family events.



Care2 is a social networking site that goal is to connect social activists from around the world.It revolves around groups that connects people involved in social cause and that who care about similar issue.It’s aim is to make this world a better place.



Yammer is a private social networking site that help employees to privately communicate within an organization.Yammer increases employee engagement, help team to collaborate to share ideas and to enhance creativity.Yammer sign up process is very easy and to join yammer you must have your company’s domain email address.Very useful and unique social networking site.



Elftown is a free social networking site that is dedicated to people who are interested in science fiction, fantasy and art related subjects.It is a place where you can find thousands of fantasy related pictures and writing.It also has features such as a wiki forums, a messaging system, diaries and user generated polls.


 6.We Heart It

We Heart It is an image based social networking sites for heartening images.It allows users to heart their favorite images, add images from other sites, organize their set of images, add related tags, share their images on other social networking sites and follow other users.It also has a heart button that you can add to your browser to add images from other sites to We Heart It.



CafeMom is a social networking site that is specifically designed for mothers.It is the virtual meeting place for every moms. Members of this community comes together to share their personal stories, to give and get advice, to discuss about their parenting, families and relationship issues and to support other moms.Here you will also find articles based on recipes, entertainment, health and beauty.



DailyStrength is an online social support network that brings together people facing similar life challenges and issues.The site is basically centered on support groups that focused on issue such as loneliness, depression, divorce, miscarriage, parenting and variety of illness and problems.Users provide support to one another by discussing their problems and struggles.



It is a language learning social networking site.It helps language learners to connect with online experienced teachers and other native speaking language partners.It has over 1.5 million students and 1500 teachers teaching over 100 different languages.



Ravelry is a free social networking site that is dedicated to fiber arts such as knitting, spinning, crocheting and weaving. Ravelry members discuss their craft ideas, share information, project photos and sell their collection of fiber, pattern or yarns.


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