10 Top Bollywood Celebrities that are Rumoured to have undergone Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery

We know that the appearance of a person is very important and especially for celebrities who always wants to look perfect and beautiful in the eye of public.With the increasing pressure to look good and to grab more public eyeballs  many celebrities are opting for cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery.There are different kinds of cosmetic and plastic surgery like rhinoplasty for nose reshaping, Anti-aging cosmetic surgery to reverse the signs of ageing ,Facelift to tighten the muscle and many more such kind of surgery.Here are the top 10 bollywood celebrities that are rumoured to have undergone cosmetic or plastic surgery.

1. Shruti Hassan

 Shruti  looks better after doing rhinoplasty to shape her nose.But in a interview she told that she has done her nose job because she was facing breathing problems.


2.Kareena Kapoor

Just compare the before and after picture then you will find Kareena has surely had her jaw surgery done.


3.Kangana Ranaut

Kangana who went for lip correction surgery to make her upper lip look thin and her lower lips look fuller.


4. Sridevi

After looking at the picture below, do you believe that Sridevi is speaking the truth that she had not underdone any surgery? It is clearly visible in the below picture that she has had a nose job done.


5.Priyanka Chopra

If you compare the before and after picture then you can surely find some sharp difference’s on her face.She had a nose and a lip job done.



When it comes to Rekha the evergreen actress of Indian cinema she also has undergone plastic surgery to get her nose reshaped.


7.Aishwarya Rai

It  is rumoured that Aishwarya has had her jawline corrected and teeth repaired.


8.Shilpa Setty

Shilpa setty who has changed dramatically from a village girl look to a desi hot look.She has done twice nose job and lip job done.


9.Koena Mitra

Koena Mitra nose surgery had turned her life into a living nightmare.She is looking more ugly after her nose job done.


10. Karisma Kapoor

The dancing diva Karihma Kapoor has undergone a facelift and a nose job done.


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