10 Things That Make you Look Dumb on Facebook

Facebook is a great social networking site that helps users to interact with their friends & families, share photos and videos, expand their business, share status updates, stories and so on.But there are some silly things that Facebook users does, that makes them look dumb on Facebook.

1.Liking your own Post and Pictures

When you like your own Facebook posts and pics it sounds as you are almost shouting & crying for help and calling your friends to like you.


2.Always typing LOL all the time

Nowdays it has become a habit to write LOL on comments, status updates and messages even when you are not laughing.So the next time never use LOL unless something actually makes you laugh out loud.



3.Using too many Exclamation Points

People love to use exclamation marks liberally. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!  Please stop yelling .Too many exclamation marks bunched together makes reading difficult.Remember frequent use of the exclamation mark is generally believe to be poor writing.



4.Writing a Lengthy Meaningless Status Update

It is so annoying when you see people have written long meaningless Facebook status updates and think that they have written something deep in meaning.Status should be updated only when you have some nice thoughts to write.


5.Something bad will happen if you don’t share

Are you living in the superstitious world? Think before forwarding these creepy stories that say something like ” if you do not send to 30 people something bad will happen” or “Share this or you will die in 2 days”.Please just stop fooling yourself and others by sending such type of stories.


6.Tagging Friends in Pictures they don’t exist in

May be your friends are not interested to like your pictures on Facebook that’s the reason you tagged your friends on pictures of  yours or an animated pictures that has trees, fireworks but not your friends.Just stop tagging your friends in pictures they don’t exist.


7.Showing your Emotions on post

If you are madly in love or angry about a certain situation you don’t have to tell the world about it.None are interested in your story.They don’t have so much time to see your posts describing about your love life.


8.Writing on a wall instead of Communicating Privately

People love the idea that others are watching them what they are doing.But seriously nobody is interested to see where you are going today, what you are planning to do.Just try to communicate through mails or phone rather showing it publicly.


9.Check-in Everywhere

Don’t go nuts by checking in all day everywhere you go.Why you want everyone to follow you and to let others know that you are in a coffee shop or in an grocery store or in washroom.


10.Using Games & Apps on Facebook and allowing them to post to others wall

If you want to play farmville or animal farms just play it secretly but why do you tell everyone when your sheep has gone missing? or want to feed sheeps?Just stop these applications from posting to your wall and therefore everyone’s news feed.



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