10 Facebook Games App with Most Likes and over 10 Million Users

After Social networking sites opened its platform to developers to build third party apps, the Facebook games app have become the most popular apps among their users.These games app allows users to publicly share information regarding players game instances, invite new players to a game as game action, players can also receive help from those non-players and many more.Here are the most popular Facebook games app that are played in the world with over ten million of players.

 10 Facebook Games App with Most Likes and over 10 Million Users

1.Texas HoldEm Poker – It is one of the largest playing poker game in a social environment.Players are allowed to play at any table Texas holdem table or VIP tables or join friends for a game.It also allow players to send and receive gifts.


App Page Likes* – 70,360,244

Link to Play GameTexas HoldEm Poker Game


2.Candy Crush Saga – This game is quite similar to the Bejeweled game.The game board is filled with six different colours of candies.The game rule is to swap two candies in a position to match the set of three of the same colour so that they form a chain and disappears.


App Page Likes* – 32,445,604

Link to Play Game – Candy Crush Saga


3.Criminal Case – This app is all about solving series of cases and hunting for hidden objects.


App Page Likes* – 21,835,771

Link to Play Game – CriminalCase


4.Angry Birds – In this game players uses slingshot to launch birds to destroy the greedy green pigs on the playing field.


App Page Likes* – 24,723,273

Link to Play Game – AngryBirds


5.Pet Rescue Saga – In this  game players are presented with a grid of coloured gems along with a few power-up and points multipliers.The game rule is to group  two or more of the same colours so that they disappear creating spaces for the little pets you are trying to rescue.


App Page Likes* – 11,096,394

Link to Play Game – Pet Rescue Saga


6.Dragon City – The objective of the game is to raise many dragons to earn gold so that you can buy food to feed dragons.


App Page Likes* – 10,291,314

Link to Play Game – Dragon City


7.Diamond Dash – The rule of the game is to blow up some diamonds everytime they match three or more colourful diamonds.Ever time you blow up these diamonds you gained some power.Each round has 60 seconds.


App Page Likes* – 9,290,906

Link to Play Game – Diamond Dash


8.FarmVille 2 – This game is all about farming simulation that is sowing fields, feeding livestock and harvesting crops.A sequel Farmville 2 differs from the original Farmville.It has more animated graphics and the farming action is in 3D.Here no more ploughing is required. Watering is the important aspect of the game.


App Page Likes* – 8,582,018

Link to Play Game – FarmVille 2


9.8 Ball Multiplayer Pool – It is one of the best free online pool game.It has multiplayer pool room.You can Play billiards by your self or challenge a user currently in the room.


App Page Likes* – 6,608,749

Link to Play Game – 8 Ball Pool


10.Bubble Safari – In this game players have to supply fruits for a monkey name Bubble who is set to jungle to find his friend who have been captured by Poachers.


App Page Likes* – 4,180,025

Link to Play Game – Bubble Safari

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