10 Essential Keyboard ShortCuts to Control YouTube Videos

Tired of using the mouse each and every time you stop/play a video or to scroll the mouse to skip forward/backward to a specific time or to increase/decrease the volume of a video, then try using these 10 essential keyboard shortcuts that will help you to watch streaming videos without any hassles and saves your time.

Here are the best keyboard shortcuts that helps to control YouTube videos player.

1.Play & Pause Video
To play and pause the video press the letter letterk or the Spacebar.



2. Mute Video
To immediately mute the video just press the letter letterm .

3.Make Video Skip Forward & Backward

To make the video skip backward and skip forward use Left/Right arrow keys.


4.Play the Video on a Percentage

If you want to play the video on a percentage of the total video length, hit one of the numbers from 1-9 on your keyboard(not from the numeric keypad).For e.g 1 for 10% , 2 for 20% , 3 for 30% and so on.


5.Restart Video
To restart the video just hit the number hitzero (not from the numeric keypad).It will play the video from beginning.

6.Skip Backward & Forward for Specific Time
To make the video skip backward and skip forward 10 secs press the letter letterj and pressletterl.


7.Start & End the Video

To seek to the beginning and last seconds of the video use the Home/End button.


8.Adjust the Volume

To increase and decrease the volume 5%  use the Up/Down arrow key.


9.Play in Fullscreen
To make your video play in Full screen just press the letter letterf.

10.Exit Fullscreen

To exit full screen press Esc key.


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