10 Cool Websites that you Should Check Out

Here are the 10 cool websites that makes your life more enjoyable, keeps you entertained ,increase the productivity of your work and saves your time.

List of the 10 Cool Websites that you Should Check Out


It is one of the coolest website that creates an animated Google search links on how to do Google search based on a specific query.The next time when someone tries to bother you with questions don’t tell them the answers rather than simply send out a straight forward link to their questions.Just type a question and click on the google search button.Copy and share the link that is created below.


Link – LetMeGoogleThatForYou



iRuler works as a ruler for your computer screen.It displays the ruler in inches and centimetres.You can easily measure things without worrying about scaling.You just have to specify your monitor dimensions to get the accurate measurement of a ruler.


Link iRuler



Supercook helps you to find recipe based on the ingredient that you choose.Just go on adding the ingredients that you want to have in your recipe and it will display you all the recipes that contains the selected ingredients..let’s say you don’t want your recipe should contain milk products or nuts, then you can exclude these items from your recipe by adding  restriction to your recipe.It also gives you the option to find the recipe based on name and category.


Link Supercook



A quiet surroundings makes your workplace boredom and also a loud noise can distract and divert your mind.But Coffitivity is a mix of both.Coffitivity is a web app that boosts your productivity and enhances your mood by giving you the pleasant, light sounds of a coffee shop at your workplace.


Link Coffitivity



Musicovery lets you play music based on your mood.Just Roll your mouse over the mood pad to play the songs to meet your mood.You can select the mood range from calm to energetic and dark to positive.It also gives you an international service where you can choose to play music specific for each country.You can customize your music search by Artist and by Tags.All in one the best place to give you the ultimate experience of music for each mood.





Popurls collects the hourly top stories from the most popular social news sites and portals to spread into a single page.It aggregate the popular content from variety of sources like Digg , Reddit , Huffington post , Google news , Boing Boing , Wired and lots more.You can view the most popular photos from sites like Flickr, 500 PX and watch popular videos from Metacafe,YouTube, Hulu, etc.It also gives the user the option to customize the layout and design of the Webpage.





It is a powerful tool that allows you to syndicate information and content from your social media accounts. Basically it allows you to automate social media tasks for you.It enables users to interconnect social sites like Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, etc.. so the users can create “recipes” that fits the statement “if this then that”. For e.g “if it is going to rain tomorrow send me an email” or “share every Instagram photos to your Facebook wall”.




8.5-Second Films

5-Second Films is an American film group and website that allows you to watch online comedy web-series and movies in 5 seconds. One of the best way to entertain yourself and a better way to waste a few seconds of your life.


Link 5-Seconds films



Foursquare helps to to find out the best nearby places, restaurants, fast food and lots more incredible things around you.Foursquare lists the places automatically based on GPS location.Install the app on your phone and link it to Facebook and Twitter to find out where your friends are hanging out.You can easily share your location with your friends by checking-in and letting them know where you are.You can share with your friends a brief idea about the special features of a place that you find in your town.


Link Foursquare



A simple site that has different kinds of time management tools like countdown timer, chess timer, split lap timer, digital talking clock, alarm clock, stopwatch, metronome to increase your productivity at your workplace and to save your time.These timers and stopwatch synchronises with your computer’s internal clock to give you the exact time.


Link – Online-Stopwatch

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