10 Best YouTube Tips & Tricks

Here are the 10 Best YouTube Tips & Tricks

1.Force YouTube Videos to Change into High-Quality Videos

There are some videos that allow us to change the quality of  videos from the menu in the bottom right-corner of the video screen.But are some videos that don’t contain a quality menu, but still you can change the quality by adding the below codes to the end of the URL.

i) &fmt=6  (Increases the Resolution to 448 * 336; Flash 7 video at 900kbps ; audio 44.1Khz  96Kbsx ;Mono CBR)


ii) &fmt=18  (Increases the Resolution 480 * 360; H.264 video at 512 kbps ; audio 44.1Khz  96Kbsx ;Mono CBR

iii) &fmt=22 (Increases the Resolution 1280 * 720; H.264 video at 1024 kbps.


2.Watch Only the Interesting  Part of the Video

Some YouTube videos are very long and you are only interested in watching few minutes of that video.But you can use the slider to fast forward the video but that may take more time.Instead of scrolling the video just add the below code to the end of the URL that will automatically play the part of the video that you are interested in.

i)Just add the given code to the end of the video’s URL  #t=XmYs  ( X=Number of minutes , Y=Number of seconds) for e.g



3. Watch YouTube Videos with “Feather Beta” Support 

If your connection is very slow then start using feather mode.It helps to view the video on a lightweight version of the video page.It will avoid loading of related videos and comments.

i) Click on the given link  http://www.youtube.com/feather_beta  and join the “Feather” beta.


ii) Once you have join you can see status change.


iii)Now watch any YouTube videos on a Lightweight version




4.Listen to YouTube Music with “Tube Radio fm”

It is one of the coolest site to listen to YouTube music.You don’t have to download any software nor you have to install any app.Simply just add the YouTube music you want to listen to the playlist.You can also save the playlist to hear it later.

i)Click on the given link  http://player.tuberadio.fm/tuberadio.asp.

ii)Enter the artist or album name in the search box and click on You Tube link as shown in the below image.


iii) It will display the results depending on the artist or album name you have searched for.Then you can add those YouTube music videos to your playlist.




 5.Play YouTube Videos With Full Size Player

If you want YouTube videos to load a full size player then just replace the below code with YouTube video URL.

For e.g     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc9995y8q8g   just replace “watch?v=”  with “embed/



6.Get Audio from your favourite YouTube video

With the help of a small online app you can now download only the audio from your favourite YouTube video.

i)Just click on the given link  http://www.getaudiofromvideo.com/videos/search/  to get your favourite audio.

ii)Enter the artist or album name on the search toolbar and click search.


iii)Then click on the download option as shown in the below image.



7.Embed YouTube videos into Websites and Blogs

Sometimes you want to share your video on your blog or website.To do this follow the below steps.

i)Open any YouTube video and click the share button below the video.


ii)Click on the Embed link and copy the contents of the embed code and paste into the HTML of your website or blog.



iii)If you want you can also change the video size.


8.Play YouTube Video from  Nokia and Other Windows Mobile Devices 

There are many mobile devices in the market that don’t have YouTube apps installed like those of Android and iphone that have YouTube app pre-installed on their mobile devices

Just download the YouTube app from http://m.youtube.com




9.Play YouTube Video in Slow Motion

Sometimes you want to watch YouTube video in slow motion but there is no option that allows you to do so.But now it is possible with   “YouTube HTML 5 Video Player” that allows you to slow down or speed up the video.

i) Click on the given link  http://www.youtube.com/html5 and join the HTML 5 trial.


ii) Once you join it will show you that you are currently in the HTML 5 trial.


iii)Now click on any YouTube videos.Click on the gear settings at the lower right corner.There you can decrease the speed of the video to play in slow motion.



10. Watch YouTube videos that are Restricted and Locked

If you find a video that you are unable to watch then it may be locked or restricted to your country or region.To view the restricted video just replace the address url with the following code

Code:  Replace “?v=” with “/v/

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sc9995y8q8g  with   http://www.youtube.com/watch/v/sc9995y8q8g



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