10 Best YouTube Features that you might have Missed

Make your YouTube video watching more fun and enjoyable with these additional YouTube features that you might not know.These are the YouTube associated site features and do not contain links to any third-party site.These feature contains HTML 5 support, YouTube creator resources, YouTube speed history and lots of other great feature.

Here are the 10 best YouTube features that you might have missed

1.YouTube Trends Map

An interactive map that shows today’s most popular videos across united states.You can also customized the most watched videos based on gender and ages.


2.YouTube Speed History

It shows you the average speed of  YouTube videos over the last 30 days.The YouTube speed history page contains a bar graph that compares your average speed in Mbps to that of other subscribers to your internet service providers, other users in your city, state, country and from all over the world.The data gets automatically aggregated from YouTube video servers to show you the average speed but only if your are watching videos while you have logged in to your Google account.


3.YouTube Creator Playbook

It is a creator playbook resource that contains tips, best practices, optimization strategies and programming techniques to build audience on YouTube.

4.YouTube MoodWall 

Improve your mood and mental state of mind with mood wall.Listen and watch videos based on your changing moods.There are 13 different moods that a user can choose from: Inspiring, brilliant, happy, scary, adorable, cool, amazing, classic, impressive, touching, epic, sweet and clever.


5.YouTube Lean Back

Relax and sit back to enjoy watching high-quality streaming YouTube videos on Google TV or any big screen.It also has some simple controls and features to gives you a much better and unique experience.


6.YouTube Video Question Editor Beta

A simple interactive video editor that lets video creators set up multiple questions within the videos.Whenever any audience plays your video the questions gets displayed on top of the YouTube video.To make it work for your videos you have to join the YouTube Video Question Editor Beta.

7.YouTube Feather Beta

It is the light version of YouTube that helps users to watch videos even on slow internet connection.It achieves this by limiting some of the features available to users such as comments, ads and also limiting the list of related videos that shows on right-hand side of YouTube.To view YouTube in light version you have to join the Feather beta.

8.YouTube Disco

It creates a video playlist of the artist or band you enter and automatically plays each video on your playlist.It also displays the list of top hits song’s from today’s most popular artist.


9.YouTube Pair

It lets you pair and watch YouTube videos on big screen.To pair it with your TV you can use any device such as phone, tablet and computer.


10.YouTube HTML 5 Video Player

As you know that YouTube videos played in the flash player runs very slowly and crashes most of the time.The poor performance is due to the reason flash player uses large amounts of memory while on the other hand videos that are played in the HTML 5 video player consume less memory and plays smoothly even on slow internet connection.

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