10 Best Sites that Every Job Seeker Must Know

As the job market is getting tougher day-by-day, the competitions for jobs is also increasing.Whenever there is a job opening you will find thousand of people applying for the same job.In today’s fast paced world it is becoming difficult to get a job easily in the market.So even if there is a single job opening in the market you have to be the first to grab that job.These professional sites can help you to search and find the right kind of jobs.Here are the best professional sites that every job seeker should know.



One of the largest professional network that helps people to find, connect and share opportunities with one another.It let’s you to create a professional profile so that you can find and be founded by your colleagues, clients or companies.With LinkedIn you can get in touch with other professional people who can help you to find a job.It is one of the best professional site for every job seeker to find the right kind of jobs relating to their professional skills and interest.




Glassdoor is a site that provides you a transparency service.It gives you free access to have an inside  look at the salary details and other employers feedback relating to salary.It gives you the privilege to find jobs based on a company or location.Before applying for a job in a company you can view the company reviews by employees to get an idea about the company.A great place to find interview questions and reviews for any job or company.




Indeed is one of the helpful sites for those job seekers who wants to create an impressive looking resume.On Indeed you can find millions of resumes that are posted by employees.You can take those hints and ideas to create a great resume for you.It has the advanced filter options that let’s you to find resumes based on the work experience, role type, companies, locations and so on.It has job search fields where you can find the latest job depending on location, company and distance.You can check out the company’s reviews, photos posted from employees or employer’s to get an inside look on the companies.



4.Simply hired

Simply hired one of the job search engine where you can find full-time or part-time jobs across the web without any hassles.It combines several job posting from thousands of sites including newspaper, social media, job boards and from other company and job-related sites.Job seekers can search jobs by job-title, keywords, location,date posted, company, education and experience.




Craiglist allows you to search jobs based on location and keywords.To find a job you have to select the country, state or city that you are looking for  jobs.Once you have selected your city you can click on the jobs section.You can search for jobs in three different views pic view, grid view and list view.You can filter your job search by titles, images, category, contract, intern-ship and part-time.Once you have selected your jobs you can apply by clicking on the reply button or you can use the option reply using web-mail to contact them.

Note:One of the disadvantage of Craigslist that it is difficult to identify which jobs are the real and which are scams.So Before responding to a job post, research about the company.Find if the company is listed on Wikipedia.Ask your friends if they know anything about this company.Make sure that you create a new Gmail account and do not send any personal information or credit check as a condition of employment.If you are sure that job is legitimate then only proceed.



Monster one of the most popular and largest job sites in the world.It shows you all the latest jobs available in your city.You can find numerous job listings from the best and top companies.You can filter your job search based on keywords, location and experience.It has the advanced options that helps you to search jobs based on the job profile, type of company and freshness of the job.It also has international jobs search to help you to find global jobs all around the word.It gives you career services and tips for a successful job interview, in preparation of resume , to improve your personality, careers and skills.



7.Career builder

Career builder is one of the best job search sites.You can search jobs using keywords and location.It has advanced search option that you can use to find jobs based on industry, category, degree, employment type, salary range,etc. You can sort your search results by relevancy,date, title and company.It has job recommendations that delivers job based on the match keywords on your resume.It posts career related tips and advice to stay informed and up-to-date in today’s competitive market.




Plaxo is a leading on-line address book that helps you to import, manage and build your contacts at one single place.It builds your address book by importing contacts from your mails, social networking sites, phones and laptops.You can add information such as company name, job title, phones, personal notes to your contacts.It maintains a consistent sync among all devices it is linked with. Plaxo recognizes your outdated contact information on the address book and update it with the current one.Fora job seeker it is very important that they keep their contacts up-to-date and at one place so that they can easily reach out to other people without any hassles.




Skillpages is a two-way search engine where you can find and get found by people who need your skills and expertise.Once you have created your Skillpages account you can add up to six areas of skills or expertise so that you can reach out to people who are looking for jobs matching your skills.It also has the options where you can choose you availability such as full time, part time or one time or if you are interested in paid or unpaid.You can browse jobs based on experience and locations.You can grow and build your personal network by importing contacts from mails and other social networks so that you can email your contacts to suggest connection.




Naukri is one of the best job sites in India that help you to find the latest jobs from top companies.Naukri has all the search criteria to best match your jobs that you are looking for.You can search job by designation, skills, keywords, location, exp, salary, etc. Apart from this, it also gives you an international service so that you can apply for jobs overseas.It has professional resume writers and experts that you can seek to write resume for you. The good thing is that you can search for jobs while chatting using NaukriOnChat”, great advantage to those employees who are looking to change their job,but don’t want their boss to come to know that they are searching for jobs on Naukri.



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