10 Best Reliable Sites to Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

Everyone loves watching movies.But due to busy work-life we often don’t get much time to watch movie in a theatre or we miss out some episodes of our favourite shows.But don’t worry here are some of the best reliable sites where you can watch free movies & TV showsonline.You don’t have to install or download any software to watch movies,you can directly stream movies and TV shows from these sites.

Here are the top 10 sites to watch free movies and TV shows online.


It is one of the most popular US websites that offers free online full-length movies ,on-demand streaming videos of TV shows, clips ,trailers and full episodes.You can also watch footage from NBC, Fox, ABC ,TBS and from many other reputed studios and networks. Hulu has a wide variety of movies ranging from comedy to actions and from sports to adventures. Hulu also offers video in 720p or 1080p HD format.But the disadvantage is that it is not available for those who live outside US.



It is currently one of the best site that has a good collection of  online single movies, series movies and lots more.It has all variety of movies.No registration is required.You can search any movie from the site in alphabetical order and directly watch there.



As the name suggest this site offers a wide range of good quality movies to watch online for free.You can find variety of movie genres from action to adventure and from romance to thriller.You can find movies from Bollywood to Hollywood.You don’t have to register to the site to watch movies you can directly watch at the site.



This is one of the best site to watch full-length free movies ,free TV shows and latest clips & videos from all your favourite sources.To watch a show or movie you have to register with the site for free.It also offers movies from TriStar pictures, Screen gems ,Columbia pictures and TV shows from Sony library.



It is one of the best site to watch streaming movies online.It allows it users to stream movies in HD and HQ.It also allow users to watch trailers and clips from the latest movie.To watch movies you just have to register to the site for free.



Film.Fm is one of the best source to watch movies online for free.It has search options that allows you to search movies by Actor/Actress.You can also find movies that were most popular on 50s, 60s,70s…till 2010s.Let’s say that you want to search a movie that has action,comedy and horror then you can use the combination of 3 genres.



Viewster offers a wide range of free movies from Bollywood to Hollywood.To watch movies on Viewster you don’t require any registration.It has more than 5000 collection of movies including Hollywood and films from other countries.It has all kind of movies comedy, thrillers, horror ,romance ,action and lots more.It also has wide range of TV shows in some countries.



This is one of the great source to find almost any movie.The site provides High-Quality streaming videos.It has all variety of movies action, animation, crime mystery, horror, etc. To watch movies you don’t require any registration nor you need to download any software.You can stream movies directly on the site.



This site offers you free full-length movies and full TV shows to watch online.You can also catch all the top voted TV shows.It has the best movies from all genres.You don’t require any registration to watch movies.If you have missed any episode then you can go directly to the site and watch the last aired TV shows and episodes.



It is one of the popular site to watch free full length movies, TV shows, trailers and clips online.You can also browse the movie genres to find what kind of movies you want to watch.You can also see the top free movies that are most popular.


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