10 Best Amusement and Water Parks in Bangalore

Here is a list of the 10 Best Amusement and Water parks in Bangalore.These parks are the best place to spend quality time with your friends and family.


Wonderla is one of the largest amusement park in Bangalore Located near Bidadi, that is 28 kilometres away from Bangalore city.The park spreads over 82 acres of land.It has a total of 56 land and water based rides.It has rides for all ages from kids to adults.It has kids rides, high thrill rides,dry rides and water rides.The main attraction of this park includes the artificial wave pools, virtual reality show, disco rain dance, musical fountain and laser show.For food they have 5 restaurants that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.It has locker-rooms where you can keep all your valuable items.It also has shower-rooms and restrooms.This is one of the best place for a full day fun.



2.Neeladri Amusement and Water Parks

The park is situated in Hosur road 20 km away from Bangalore city.The park spread across 3o acres of land.The park has a total 45 different water and land based rides.Some of the famous rides are Zyclone, Water Chute, Formula 2, Water Slide, Bouncing Castles and lots more.Apart from these there are video games and other fun activities for children.It has a fast food stalls that serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.There is an ice cream and milkshake parlour that you can relish over.It has other facilities like accessible locker rooms, changing rooms and clean toilets.All in all a fun-filled park  for all ages.



The park is situated in the heart of Bangalore city.This park spreads over an area of 22 acres of green landscape.The park has both water and land based rides.It has rides for all ages.Some of the most popular land rides are Giant Wheel, Coloumbus, Parachute etc. The famous water rides are Pendulum, Wave-pool, Cyclone etc. It also has more than 60 simulator games for kids.For food it has snack bar where a good variety of eats and refreshments are served.Other amenities include locker room, changing and shower room.This is one of the best place to spend your day.


4.GRS Fantasy Park

GRS Fantasy Park is the number one aqua park that is situated in an area of 30 acres connecting Mysore and Bangalore state highway.It mainly has water-based rides and few land based rides.The popular water based rides are the Pendulum slide, Aqua Tornado ride, Amazonia, Red Indian Falls etc. It also has a wave pool and kids pool to chill out.Among the famous land based rides it has the free fall , caterpillar, 5D virtual ride with 3D technology etc.The other facilities include lockers and changing rooms, medical aid in case of emergency, wheel chair tracks and special toilets for old-aged persons.It also has a open food court with Mc Donalds.One of the best amusement parks for kids and adults.Enjoy and have lots of fun with your family.



5.Innovative Film City

One of the Indian theme park situated 40km from the heart of Bangalore.It is the land of entertainment that spreads across 50 acres.Its main attraction include Louis Tussaud’s wax museum, Innovative roller skate’s, Ripley’s believe it or not, mirror raze, Aqua city, Haunted Mansion, Dino Park, etc. It has Cartoon City that has Roller Coaster, Velocity, Star wars, etc. Kids will definitely have great fun over here.Enjoy the Wild Wild West that gives you the surroundings of western cowboy.It has 4000 amphitheatre where laser water shows, musical concert and live performance are carried out.Other facilities include a separate food-court , McDonald’s and Hang Out Lounge. Here you will definitely find tons of entertainment for your family.


6.Crazy Waters

One of the amusement park located on Bannerghatta main road.This park offers you great amount of entertainment for all ages.The main attractions of these park are Circular ride, Formula-2, Wonder Wheel, Family slide, Parachute Tower ,etc.It also includes Musical Fountain, Surprise Fountain, Break Dance and lots more such fun-filled excitement.


7.Snow City

One of the largest indoor Snow theme park located in Fun World Complex in JC Nagar.The indoor theme park spreads over 12500 sq.ft and is filled with snow.It has Snow balling, Sliding , Basket ball, Mountain Climbing, fancy Snow Castle for that heavenly experience.Get set for the chill experience in the city with your family.



8.Lumbini Garden

This park located in Hebbal Kempapura is famous for its lake view and different types of water boats.Spreading over 1.5Km of range the park is an absolute  entertainment for couples and family.The special attractions include Coffee boat, Pedal boat, Wave pool, Spanish Bull ride, Kids Train etc.Wooden chairs at the edge of the lake make an ideal place for those who want to sit there and enjoy the fresh breezes of air.There are good number of food courts and refreshments to satisfy your taste buds.


9.Fantasy Lagoon

Fantasy Lagoon is one of the amusement parks located in KR Puram Bangalore.It is one of the ideal place for couples.The most popular attractions is the park’s lake and different kinds of speed boats.There is a small garden in the middle of the lake.To get into that garden you have to take water boats.There is a small play area for kids.The park has a simple range of fast foods and refreshments.All in one a nice place for couple to hang out.


10.Bal Bhavan

One of the amusement parks basically for kids. The park has small Toy Train with a track of 3/4th mile, Swings, Horse rides, beautiful Dolls museum, tree houses and boating facilities.Nice lush green park for children to play.It also has a theatre where children film shows are carried out.One of the best place for your kids to play and relax.

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